We want as many people as possible to be able to live in harmony of soul and body. So that they can realize their goals and desires and realize themselves professionally.

We believe it's never too late to start living!

Meet our story

New Life Butterfly is a family business, created out of a passion for beauty and positive thinking. Its creation was the fulfillment of our dreams!

We are engaged in comprehensive care of your bodies. And we organize cosmetic training courses to improve professional skills. We also organize workshops and personal trainings about positive thinking and the law of attraction.

We currently operate on the British market, but we are expanding our workshops and trainings to other European countries – Poland, Germany and Ireland.


When you cross the threshold of the New Life Butterfly Ltd. salon, at our reception desk, you will be met by a friendly couple, beauty specialist and massage therapists and  who are at your service at any time.

Remember, our entire Team takes care of the right atmosphere at every step. About always finding the right time for your visit. We reply to all messages, and when necessary we contact you directly. We care about the well-being of all our clients.

Joanna Ledwon


I began to be interested in the field of cosmetology as a 16-year-old. When my peers were interested in parties and boys. I, in my free time, ran around beauty salons and observed the work of professionals.

A year later, courtesy of a Korean hairdresser – Kim – I did free hand and foot treatments and makeup for her clients. That’s how 2 years flew by, but my path with this field got a bit divergent. I returned to it only a few years later and completed cosmetology school, numerous training courses and earned my instructor’s license. That’s how I became a beautician.

Currently, I continue to train and improve my skills. I love working with clients, it gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes me take on new challenges every day. Through my work I fulfill myself 100%. Privately, I follow the principle that says:

Everyone is the creator of his own life, and this principle I pass on to all the people I meet to the point that it is the main banner of the company.

Polish Professionals in the Beauty Industry

😍 Dear friends
Some time ago I had the pleasure of taking part in a very interesting project.
As it turned out: I am not the only Polish woman who develops her business and passions in the UK.
I invite you to download the E-book.
🇫🇰 Polish Professionals in the Beauty Industry in the UK.
You can find an interview with me on page 30.
😍 I invite you to read it.

Mr.S - Simon

My adult life began relatively early, at the age of 13, when my mother died. Thanks to her, despite my early age, I learned the law of attraction and inherited esoteric abilities, which I continue to develop to this day.


When it came to choosing a profession as a 15-year-old, I chose gastronomy, as I love experimenting with flavors. However, I constantly felt unsatisfied. I didn’t find my way until I was in my twenties, when I ended up at the Medical Post-Secondary School and there, among outstanding lecturers, I trained as a massage therapist. 

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Currently, my abilities go beyond the field of massage, because thanks to esoteric knowledge I know how to work with auras, chakras and willpower, which lies dormant in each of us to a greater or lesser degree.

In life I am guided by one principle attributed to lions “I CAN DO ANYTHING”.